New Supervisor Training Programme

Leadership skills only develop through practice. Feedback is critical for reflection and individual growth. I dare to give honest feedback with respect and encouragement.

Individual coaching

One area of talent is the skill of practicing. This is as true at work as it is on the sports field. I encourage those I coach to practice, make mistakes, try again, and succeed.

Winning collaboration

The dynamics of interaction between the members of a winning team reinforces the sense of togetherness and provides space for everyone’s personal growth.

Playmakers’ Workshop

The agenda helps to understand the impact of coaching oriented leadership on results and wellbeing. The learning can be utilised in many different roles – regardless of titles.

From Goals to Action

If high motivation and motivational leadership skills would guarantee achievement of a goal, there would only be successful people around us.

Assessment methods

Assessment methods can be used to provide important information and feedback on areas that affect performance development, growth and well-being. 


I believe in people’s potential and inner strength for continuous growth. Positive development requires strong motivation and environment that encourages individual growth. Through coaching, I provide the space for people to think and reflect aloud – on their own development goals, any beliefs that limit their development, and measures to achieve results.


All services can also be  implemented in virtual environment e.g. in TEAMS or ZOOM, Individual coaching is also possible outdoors as walking coaching.

For online coaching I utilise various tools (e.g. Wordcloud, virtual work spaces, Padlet, Flinga) to activate interaction and maintain a lively atmosphere. 

I have also trained as a sport physiologist, so I pay attention to physical alertness in online training and coaching.