assessment methods

assessment methods for individuals and teams

In work life, various assessment methods can be used to assess “fitness”, competency or behavior. They provide information and feedback on important areas that affect performance and well-being on oneself and others. Assessments utilise self-reflection and feedback from others, in other words, how others perceive a person’s behavior.

Assessment tools

In sports coaching, sport analysis is the basis of training. You need to know what success looks like and what skills you need to master. The topics, timing and orientation of the training are planned according to what is required for good performance and the schedule for achievement of the goal. After the competition, any changes that may be necessary in training are reflected and considered. Regular assessing and self-reflection provide valuable information on performance and training needs. The test result is one form of feedback in sports and a natural part of holistic training.

The assessment and analysis

  • I am an SHL, WorkPlaceBif5 and Birkman certified assessment method expert. 
  • The evaluations can be utilised e.g. for 360 assessmets to identify leadership competencies, assessing work-related personality and motivation, mapping work-related growth potential and for team development.

WorkPlaceBig5 and Birkman assessment tools are especially useful to dig in to the team dynamics and interaction. Teamer reports are extremely powerful tools to visualize the team profile, the strength of diversity and the possible challenges between different personality types.

The evaluation results can be used in self-coaching, and also as a tool in long-term coaching leadership.