individual coaching

individual coaching

Because of my sports coaching backround, I understand what it takes to achieve tough goals. One area of talent is is the skill of practicing. This is as true at work as it is in sports. 

I encourage those I coach to practice, make mistakes, try again, and succeed.

Individual coaching strengthens

The programme typically covers 5-6 face-to-face meetings and has a total duration of about 3 months. A follow-up meeting is held 6 months after completion of the process to verify the change in learning or behaviour.

During and after the process

Learning a new skill requires commitment to long-term practice and internalisation of feedback. Without self-reflection, awareness skills, and feedback, we return to the old behaviour. After the coaching process, my role as a coach is transferred to the supervisor and the coachee. I help them both understand the importance of their own role in the process of learning a new skill or behaviour.

Example of learning a new skill:

The goal of the coachee is to develop task management and organizing skills. One indicator of changed behaviour is the construction of a clear weekly schedule, with regular moments in the calendar for the self-reflection, prioritization and planning. In addition, achievement of the target is expected to be reflected in increased customer activity. Indirectly, this is reflected in the results of the customer satisfaction survey and sales performance.

Sustainable change requires consideration of your own thoughts, feelings and motivators. As a coach, I offer a thinking partnership that can foster learning and behavioural changes. 


Personal change can bring out very negative feelings – belief in a person’s ability is being tested.

During the transition person can feel like they are losing their identity.

individual coaching

Career Coaching can be utilised e.g. in the following situations:

There are 5-6 face-to-face meetings and the content is tailored to the client’s needs and requests. 

Examples of content for people looking for a new job:

Personal change can bring out very negative feelings – belief in a person’s ability is being tested. As a coach I’m able to create encouraging and empowering emotions. I have a long history of working with the Olympic athletes to support their transition from a sports career to the labour market. Many athletes are accustomed to success and during the transition they can feel like they are losing their identity. Exercises and tools are needed to map personal strengths, motivation and personality, as well as perseverance in practicing new job search skills.