playmaker's workshop

playmaker's workshop

Coaching leadership is when one person’s behaviour and communication reinforces another person’s belief in their ability to solve problems and achieve goals. Coaching makes it possible to achieve genuine enthusiasm for training and the faith required to attain high goals. The target of the coaching conversation is to develop the other person’s thinking and problem solving skills. 

Playmaker’s workshop is suitable for everyone  who wants to learn the power of a coaching conversation regardless of titles.

The themes of the workshop include

This service can be implemented as a 6-hour workshop or the content can be broken into shorter periods spread over several days. Shorter periods are recommended if the service is implemented virtually.

Playmakers' Workshop - the effect for the organisation

People often talk about coaching, even when they are simply telling or leading others to do things in a certain way. Coaching is about being genuinely present, asking insightful questions, listening carefully, paying full attention, clarifying and challenging limiting assumptions. It’s  about encouraging people to find their own solutions and ways to develop

The effects of coaching leadership are much broader than personal development in an organisation. The observed benefits can be found e.g. in: