“As a manager, it was wonderful to see the positive development of my employee through Virpi’s coaching. Her guidance was a true eye-opener and supported the coachee to self-reflect the own behaviour and the way forward to evolve professionally and personally. I gladly recommend Virpi as an experienced coach who always puts her clients at the center and acts with great sensitivity and knowledge of human nature.” 

I have received feedback, that...

“Human-centric, organized and empathetic are the first adjectives that come to my mind when thinking Virpi as a coach. She uses versatile and innovative methods and practices both with individuals and teams. She is able to read the coachee and uses coaching techniques that empower and inspire – she always expresses the coachees own responsibility. She is able to take each person in a team as an individual – different people with different personalities and needs. Virpi is a clear communicator and an upright personality. She is fun to be with.” 


“I have been given the opportunity to work with Virpi on many occasions during my last 2-3 years at Adecco. Virpi is a great coach with the ability to strengthen individuals. She combines great insights with open questions and as a participant you tend to grow as a person. Virpi creates a good atmosphere in the room and when finished her sessions all the participants feel a great value. The topics are ready to be used immediately in your daily work. It is with all honesty I recommend Virpi as a coach!”

“Virpi has been a colleague at Adecco for several years, working as HR Director and driving the IOC and IPC Athlete Career Programme in Finland. She has outstanding people skills, is highly motivated, engaging and an expert when it comes to advising elite athletes on how to combine sports, education and the transition into the labour market. Virpi herself has been a high-performance athlete and understands the needs and challenges sports people face, understanding at the same time what companies need and want from employees. She has shown continous dedication, team spirit and the ability to connect with people from all backgrounds. I highly appreciate her as a human being and colleague.”

“I had the pleasure to partner Virpi in a team session during the IMD business program. Virpi exudes extreme physical strength and great inner ability and is most authentic and passionate in the way that she encourages and motivates the team members. Her personality exudes great energy level, compassion and high touch in the way she cares for people around her. She displayed great personality of a credible and trusted HR partner. Colleagues and co-workers recognize her as a remarkable HR leader who never fails to provide support and motivation.”

“I have worked for Virpi on two different occasions during my career in Adecco. I find Virpi a courageous and goal oriented leader with excellent interpersonal skills. When managing a team, Virpi moves towards the goals on an assertive manner and links them to the company strategies. On the other hand, when leading a team Virpi is an observant listener who strives for building common understanding. As a coach Virpi is at her best. She respects her coachee and is very skillful at getting the point as well as giving (and receiving) feedback. Virpi has always been and still is very supportive of my work, for which I in my specialist role am very grateful for.”

“Thank you Virpi! I was given the opportunity for Virpi’s coaching when I started in a new role. First I couldn’t clearly define in what area I needed to develop the most. After the tripartite meeting with my Manager and Virpi, I was able to clarify the overall goal for the coaching process.  The structures of the coaching meetings were actually quite simple and at the same time amazingly profound. Insightful and strong questions made me think everyday issues at work from a different angle and below the surface. The way Virpi listens and makes clarifying questions to find out the  profound purpose is exceptional. I really needed to stretch my thoughts – and that was the best part of the coaching. It taught me to focus on solutions instead of problems. What I loved the most is that the coaching took my personality into consideration.”