Why systematic Coaching in the Organization

“Answers are closed rooms. Questions are open doors that invite us in.”
-Nancy Willard


Systematic coaching means that the organization has decided on a strategic level to utilize professional business coaching as one tool in performance and talent management. In this article I give some examples, why systematic coaching programme will be even more important for organizations in future.

If lack of succession bench exists

If you look closely to your succession pipeline, have you identified potential successors for key roles? If the bench is empty, could it be that the managers haven´t quite understood their role in growing people around them? One reason can be that the career paths are not visualized. 

Talents are not ready for the next level promotion or unwilling to relocate

If in your organization, you have identified successors, that are ready in some years,  but none that are ready now. How to improve from there?

  • Systematic coaching as part of the people strategy, supports the talents to grow.
  • Coaching the managers to utilize coaching based managerial practices, like asking insightful questions, challenging the limiting assumptions and giving impactful feedback.
  • Every talent who has been identified as a successor, has an individual development plan.

How to improve the mobility of your identified talents in succession pipelines?

  • Talent Management and Mobility Programmes are built together on a strategic level.
  • To encourage and coach your talents to be globally mobile. 
  • When a talent relocates, a systematic coaching programme is offered to overcome the performance and environmental challenges. Knowing this, it also lowers the step to make a decision to relocate.

If you have gender imbalance in a succession pipeline

  • Coaching the minority gender talents to have courage to set high goals for their careers.
  • Supporting the colleagues in work-life-family balance.

How to attract and retain young talents and create opportunities to grow?

  • Coaching leadership inspires, empowers and challenges.
  • In many countries specially young women hold high level education. Coaching is one way to increase engagement.
  • The managers need to be supported to lead by utilizing coaching skills and the managers need to be coached as well.
  • The organization that manages to embed coaching based managerial practices more widely, is more likely to differentiate in market.
  • The work environment is rapidly changing and versatile, therefore more individual support is needed.

By Covid pandemic, most of us is experiencing something that we haven´t experienced before. Colleagues and managers at all levels need specific care and support. Coaching is an efficient tool to support in changing environment.

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